Go video!

February 24, 2016

Video is loved by many people when it comes to learning about things. Products and services are brought to life by moving images and you get to see them in the real world; the one that relates to you.

When I got my first iPhone I went straight to You Tube to see how to put in the sim. I know it was supposed to be intuitive (which presumably was why instructions were left out) but clearly not intuitive to me. I’ve also used video for baking techniques, cleaning a bicycle chain and trying to master the art of freestyle swimming.

There was a time when video was expensive but not any more. You can record video with your smartphone and upload it in seconds for free. There are occasions when a professionally made video is called for but there are also times when a more authentic, amateur version works as well, or even better to get your message across. This technique is particularly effective if you want to appear approachable, down to earth and genuine.

Much of my world revolves around the sport of triathlon and I want a new swimming bag. Like just about everyone else, I start my search online. I can see what the bags look like and all the dimension are there but I still can’t get a feel for it. Where are the pockets, how big are they, can I separate wet and dry?

Flicking from site to site I’m not really any the wiser until I get to specialist retailer Simply Swim with their videos on the product pages. Several minutes later I feel I’m a swim bag expert and I’m hooked on the TYR Alliance Team Backpack and I’ve ordered! Then I checked out the Simply Swim You Tube Channel and I’ve found stacks more product videos, reviews, advice videos, training tips, industry news and interviews with some famous names in swimming. Could easily lose half a day here…oops I have…

Nice one Simply Swim that’s brilliant brand building with video content.



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