Kimberly-Clark Health Care

We found a way swift through the bureaucracy that normally determines the adoption of a new medical product so that InteguSeal was in use in hospitals just months after its launch.

Project Details

  • Project type: Product launch
  • Industry Sector: Healthcare
  • Activities: Public affairs & media relations

A priority for Kimberly-Clark Health Care (now Halyard Health) is to develop new products to meet today’s clinical challenges.

InteguSeal is a product aimed at minimising the risk of Surgical Site Infections (SSIs). Applied to the skin prior to surgery, InteguSeal seals and immobilises skin flora to help prevent them getting into the incision site.

The challenge for us was to launch the product in the UK in a sector, which can be relatively slow to adopt new technology.

We recommended applying to get InteguSeal through the Department of Health’s Rapid Review Panel (RRP) to accelerate the use of the product as part of an infection prevention strategy. We drafted and submitted the form together with the supporting clinical evidence.

Within weeks, the initiative was a success and InteguSeal was awarded the highest Level 1 by the RRP and was adopted by test sites throughout the UK to further evaluate its use.

A comprehensive media relations programme followed to promote the Level 1 classification to surgeons, theatre managers ad infection prevention specialists.