Our input into a launch event, showcased the success of fast-growing healthcare company Vygon. Now they are a very welcome, major player in their local community and a popular employer.

Project Details

  • Project Type:¬†Event Management
  • Project Type:¬†Relocation and event launch
  • Activities: Community & media relations

The challenge for Vygon was to make the most of its move from buildings it had outgrown in Cirencester to an iconic site near Swindon.

The impressive building had been built by Motorola and had its futuristic design had featured in a James Bond film. But it had lain empty for several months and there was much speculation about its future.

We worked alongside the Vygon team to organise a launch event to introduce the company to its new neighbours and to show its commitment to the Swindon business community. Comprehensively covered on the local radio and newspapers, the Vygon team quickly made a positive impact. Now Vygon is very much part of the commercial landscape and an iconic building is flourishing once more.