A company’s reputation is an asset to be proud of
Clear and confident communication; that’s what keeps a brand strong
In practice this takes many forms such as…

Our expertise is to establish, and then maintain, relationships with journalists. It's a skilled and timing-consuming job but experience of working as reporters ourselves, we know what the media needs and the pressure to deliver to tight deadlines.

Media Relations

The media in all its forms exerts a powerful influence.

That can include a winning website, appealing apps, an engaging blog as well as profitable use of social media outlets including Twitter, Facebook, Linked In, Pinterest and Instagram. The secret is to make them all work in harmony and for compelling content to drive the success of your online reputation. This is the stuff we love to do.

Social media

If you're online, you need a digital communications strategy.

A great concept, carefully planned will attract the guests you want and they'll leave talking about it for months to come. We revel in the detail of an event and we bet when you work with us you'll wander how you managed any other way.

Event management

The secret of a good event is to design it properly in the first place.

You want them to be supporters and ambassadors for your plans and they need to feel you're listening and taking them seriously. We provide that crucial link that keeps your plans on track.

Community & stakeholder relations

If you want to make major changes, such as a planning application, you need to keep the people around you on your side.

We support you by making sure your lines of communication are kept open to the people that matter to your organisation. The aim is well-informed ambassadors who stick with you for the long term.

Crisis communications

When your back is against the wall, you need expert support for your hard-earned reputation.

An effective communication programme can keep your team inspired and motivated and, above all, more productive. The result? Benefit on your bottom line of course.

Internal communications

The greatest ambassadors of your reputation are your employees.

We do all of this and more, much more

There's so much to share so we'd love to tell you in person. Call us on 01684 292552 or email [email protected] and we will show you what we could do for your business.

Dedicated Professionals

We are an enthusiastic team of experts committed to providing exceptional results for our clients.

Proactive & Super Responsive

Focused. Responsive. Proactive. We’re part of the team and by your side every step of the way.

Versatile & Flexible

Your brief is unique and we’ll use our skills and experience to deliver a solution that’s right for you.