What the heck is content?

When it comes to defining content, it’s really quite simple.

Content = intellectually interesting material.

Turn to the thesaurus and you can also refer to it as matter, substance, material, stuff, stock, gist, essence, substance, idea, kernel, point, meaning, subject, theme, focus or issue. It’s the information that makes you act, yearn to find out more or provokes an emotion – be that pleasure or pain.

But one person’s intellectually interesting is another’s agonisingly boring. So your key focus for content is context; know your audience and focus on their trigger points.

Know what else you are up against when fighting for their attention and distil it to no more than a few words to act as a constant reminder.

All of a sudden that elusive search for relevant content can become that little bit easier….

For example if you’re selling coals to Newcastle your trigger words could be fuel, warmth, fire, energy and power.

Look for ideas and information around those words all the time and you’ll be generating relevant content in next to no time.

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Caroline Rawlinson is passionate about the power of PR and its ability to impact the business bottom line. In recognition of her services to the sector, she is now a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR). Her business, The Vivid PR Consultancy, is an award-winning agency offering marketing communications, design and digital services.